This domain was resurrected from the ashes of a project that died in the late 90's early 00's, to be brought back to life in a time where the original idea still hold true, if not more necessary today then back then. The original idea of this network was to create a security research network where like minded individuals could work together towards the common goal of knowledge. After many years of lying dormant and lacking any direction the domain expired and was picked up by another group. We have have made it our goal to take the torch and carry on the ideals this site originally had and bring them into the new web world.

Screw all the "hats", this is just about learning, exploring, exploiting and connecting. We are actively looking for people to join our network and help grow a more secure internet. Those of us who remember the old days remember that rooting boxes was about having fun and showing off what you know, those days are long dead. We now live in such a interconnected world that machines are no longer exploited for the "thrill of the kill" but are hijacked to make money and further peoples agendas: financial, political, whatever retarded, ill concieved motive. We have created a lab that we hope to grow into a global network that brings people from all walks of life to work together to combat the scum of the internet, and to research & reverse engineer the malware the plagues our inboxes and work towards the common goal of a secure internet.

How can I get involved?

We currently are looking for individuals or groups to deploy labs in their respective corner of the internet and help create a secure internetwork for sharing information, aggregating research data and working efficiently to learn. Bloggers, researchers, hacklabs and kids interested in learning are all invited to come participate in the global project. We currently have a free online penetration testing lab available here on this site. Navigate to http://www.gh0st.net/wiki to sign up!

Drop a note to liquid@gh0st.net to get involved