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gh0st Lab updated!




So we're slowly rebuilding the capabilities of the lab after numerous failures and general system rot. Hopefully that will include a redesign of this site at some point but right now we are focusing on the lab itself. Some of you may have had problems connecting to the lab using openvpn in the recent past. We have moved to new openvpn keys so you will have to download those from the wiki page and possibly request a new account if your old one has expired/been disabled.


Once you are connected though we have the CTF we put together for RVASec 2014 available in the lab for you to test your skills against. This CTF was designed for both the beginner and the experienced and has challenges ranging from web application exploitation to digital forensics. Head over to the scoreboard @ once you get connected and create yourself an account. More details will be added to the wiki in the near future for other challenges and activities. 


Another thing we are attempting to do better is be more accessible to you for questions, help, and feedback. To facilitate that we have setup a slack team page @ When you sign up for an account to gh0stlab you should receive an automatic invite to the slack team. We intend to treat slack like a irc/forum/bug tracker. There are channels just to chat and support channels where you can request help. We'll expand the offerings and capabilities there as we move forward but at least you have a way to contact us in the present.


That's it for now so go cap some flags.


Welcome to the Gh0st Lab!


This is the home of the Gh0st PenLab maintained by the SecuraBit crew! If you're looking to sign up, merey click the Gh0st PenLab link in the navigation bar at the top or at this link:

Should you be looking for the documentation on how to get started, please visit the wiki located here:

We're always looking for volunteers to help us maintain this completely free community project as well as other projects. Shoot us a note if you're interested utilizing our contact page!